Two films inspired by one dog, a rescued Rottweiler named Samson.

Black Beauty Breed

The Rottweiler is one of the oldest dog breeds with a heritage that can be traced back to ancient Roman times. Loyal, highly intelligent and courageous, the modern Rottweiler is often misunderstood.

Black Beauty Breed is a documentary feature that brings you closer to the dog behind the perceived intimidating image and highlights their positive character traits and inherent working ability.

Stunning film footage captures the resilient spirit of the Rottweiler from birth to their modern working abilities in herding, carting, agility, search and rescue and therapy. The film celebrates the versatility of the breed and shines a light on the fascinating bonds that humans can create with their dogs. Passionate dogs and passionate owners leave no doubt that the Rottweiler, above all else, is a working breed.

Black Beauty Breed premiered at the Arclight in Hollywood in June of 2014 and has since screened theatrically in over 40 cities worldwide. The film is actively changing the way audiences and the media perceive the Rottweiler.

Forever Faithful

Forever Faithful documents a journey through canine cancer. We made this film to help others make more informed decisions than the ones we made when our Rottweiler was diagnosed with bone cancer. Several dogs are featured in the film with their own stories of resilience, survival and service to their communities. It was an honor to get to know these dogs and their families. The film features the incredible work of OrthoPets and Colorado Veterinary teaching hospital. Forever Faithful screened theatrically in the U.S. and is currently available on DVD and on iTunes, AmazonPrime, and GooglePlay.